Our AutoGuard safety razor scraper design features an automatic blade guard for continuous safety. When the button is released on the AutoGuard the blade guard will automatically return to the blade protected position. We recommend this model when safety is the ultimate concern.

Our RetraGuard razor scraper features a manually controlled blade guard for both exposing the blade for usage and returning the guard to the blade protected position for safe storage. We recommend this version when safe storage is important and more comfort is desired.

Both Scrapers Include These Features
Blade tightener knob for blade stability
Attachment loop for connecting accessories
Quick, easy and safer blade changes
Ergonomic shape for comfort
Durable thick wall construction
Screw reinforced for extra strength
Light weight to reduce fatigue
Uses 1.5″ wide – .009″ thick blades
Will not rust

The blade guard helps eliminate exposed blades reducing the risk of lacerations.

A detent helps lock the guard from accidental movement.

The blade insertion and removal design keeps fingers away from the sharp edge of the blade during blade changes.

The blade tightener knob is used to reduce blade movement.

The blade insertion and removal design allows for quick and easy blade changes.

Thick wall and strong construction, screw reinforced.

Light weight, curved, ergonomic design.

Razor Blade Scraper Uses

Sticker Removal, Paint Removal, Window Cleaning, Appliance Glass Cleaning, Glue Removal, Adhesive Removal, Residue Removal, Decal Removal, Tile Cleaning, Glass Cleaning, Sealant Removal, Gasket Removal, Wax Removal, Caulk Removal Label Removal, Tile Cleaning & Much More

Work Great On

Glass, Windows, Ceramic/Tile, Metal, Concrete & Other Hard Surfaces

Suited For

At-home (DIY), Detailers, Contractors, Manufacturers, Janitorial & Many More

Some of our valued business customers

We improved the typical and common 1.5″ blade razor scraper with a design to help improve safety, speed, and ease of blade changes

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