Metal and plastic scraper blades

Many people get stuck with the decision between using a plastic or metal blade scraper on particular surfaces. We don’t endorse this but we will make some suggestions here.

Metal Razor Scraper Blades

Hard – Non-coated surfaces, pretty straight-forward on this unless you are trying to remove the coating, paint, etc. from the hard surface. For instance, you want to remove paint from metal or film from glass. Some of the surfaces typically referred to as hard surfaces would be hard metals, glass, porcelain, and ceramic tile. Some find situations permissible for using metal scraper blades on hard wood, marble, granite, and fiberglass but it really is situational and strong consideration and caution should be given to prevent unwanted damage.

Plastic Razor Scraper Blades

Plastic scraper blades can be used on basically all surfaces that metal blades can be used on, mentioned above, and more. Plastic blades typically can be used on wood, plastic, paint, fiberglass, mirror, marble, granite and more. When compared to metal blades, plastic clearly can be used safely on more surfaces. However most time, depending on the application of course, plastic blades are not quite as effective. They also tend to damage easier which requires more blade replacements.

We hope this provides you some positive insight in regard to the differing uses of these scraper blades. Always use your best judgement call in order to prevent damage or injury.