Safety razor blade scraper for tub and shower

Razor blade scrapers are one of the ultimate utility tools because there is so many different uses it for it that many people never consider. Now it may or may not be something that you use constantly but much like a hammer, it definitely makes things much easier when there is a task that calls for it.

In this particular article, we are pointing out five uses of a scraper tool for just the bathroom. Keep in mind these might not apply to all bathrooms but will apply to most.

  • Clean windows – most windows in a bathroom steam up where there is a shower used and require cleaning more frequently. Some bathrooms even have a window in a location that gets wet from the shower so water spots and residue can build up on them quickly. Easily scrape windows clean.
  • Clean tile – much like windows in a bathroom, tiles in a bathroom commonly get wet and end up with residue and water spots. With a scraper, flat ceramic tiles in the shower, bath, floor, or walls can be cleaned easily.
  • Clean porcelain – Pure porcelain is a very hard material that can be cleaned with a scraper blade. Yep, even that nasty wax ring on the bottom of your porcelain toilet or inside the water tank.
  • Remove caulk or sealant – Over time bathroom caulk and sealants break down and tend to get mis-colored and dirty. They are just one of those things that at some point need to be completely removed and newly applied. These tools can be used to scrape caulk or sealants from tile, porcelain, or glass.

Metal blade scrapers can sometimes be used on hard fiberglass, however it is a use your best judgement surface and extreme caution should be used to avoid damage to the surface.

  • Clean shower glass – much like windows in the bathroom smooth non-coated glass can be cleaned.

It is easy to see why we consider a razor blade scraper a utility tool. In the bathroom alone there several consistent uses. For a few bucks they really are a most have tool.

We always encourage safety when working with any tool…be smart, always safe.