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Since 2016, Werxrite has been manufacturing, sourcing and distributing surface cleaning and safety cutting products for both home and office.

We are proud to be family owned and operated in the USA. Most importantly, we take pride in providing our customers with the top class service they deserve and reliable products they can continue to rely upon.

Surface Cleaning Scrapers

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RetraGuard Razor Scraper

RetraGuard Razor Blade Scraper - Excellent combination of effectiveness and safety. Great solution for cleaning cooktops and other hard surfaces such as glass, ceramic, porcelain and more.


SafetiMax Plastic Blade Scraper - Durable, safety plastic blade scraper for more delicate surfaces. Great for cleaning gas cooktops, wood, plastic, painted surfaces and more.




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The Game Changer!

Cardinal Switch

The first of it's kind, push and pull cutting, replaceable blade cartridge, safety cutter. 

Made in the USA

Shop our selection of high quality multiple surface razor blade scrapers and plastic blade scrapers, scraper blades, surface cleaner, surface cleaning supplies and safety cutters.

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