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About Us

Our Story

Werxrite was founded in 2016 and is family owned and operated. After personal experiences with razor blade scrapers left with the blade exposed they recognized the hazard and risk of injury that existed with almost all compact razor blade scrapers on the market that used a steel blade. At that point the two developed a prototype design for a safer scraper. Upon completion and testing of the prototype, the two then teamed up with a design engineer, a local mold development company, and a local plastic injection molding company to bring their prototype to production. They then introduced the RetraGuard safety razor blade scraper.


Our company goal is to continuously bring products to the market that fulfill a need and solve a problem, improve upon safety, and/or improve functionality. Additionally, we value our customer's feedback and look to build upon their needs and desires by consistently improving our products and releasing new products to fit their needs and solve their problems.


We will approach each day with a customer focused mentality and an objective of being better today than we were yesterday.