Workplace injuries remain a significant unresolved issue in most cpuntries. After the industrial revolution, the work-related and occupational injuries became very common. These injuries are linked with a lot of loss and suffering at societal, communal, organizational, and individual levels. The high costs associated with the workplace injuries include the claim costs, the excess premium, and administrative costs; these can be further divided into medical expenses, program costs, and indemnity payments. Read more

Cost associated with workplace cuts

Have you ever considered the cost of unsafe cutting tools in the workplace? Blade related employee injuries are all too common, yet often avoidable with the proper use of safety sharp blade tools. Read more

Workplace laceration stats and info plus tips for prevention

Laceration and hand injuries in the workplace are some of the most common injuries out there, especially when machines and tools are involved.

Lacerations in particular tend to happen over 70,000 times in a given year, sometimes much more. Read more